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July, 2013 -

Free Tours, Music, Wine Tastings and Sensory Treats to be Part of
Three-Day Event
April, 2013 -
May Day Celebration at Annie Oakley
"April Showers Bring May Flowers" - You're invited to a "MAY DAY CELEBRATION" at the Annie Oakley Perfumery Studio!
January, 2013 -
Annie Oakley Wins Innovator of the Year
"Annie Oakley Wins Innovator of the Year" - A video by Fort Wayne Business Weekly with coverage on the award and Annie Oakley.
September, 2012 -
A Travel Writer’s US Route 6 Cross-Country Odyssey
A short non-fiction story written by Malerie Yolen-Cohen about her journey of traveling on Route 6 and finding comfort at Annie Oakley Perfumery along the way. The story is the 4th story on the page, slightly less than halfway down the page.
August, 2012 -
Ligonier Receives State Grant to Promote the Arts
Annie Oakley Perfumery owner Renee Gabet led the effort to help improve the Ligonier community by applying for the grant.
August, 2012 -
Annie Oakley in Ligonier Makes it to the Top
A blogger's take on the Annie Oakley Perfume Studio.
July, 2012 -
Annie Oakley Highlighted in 'Handcrafted' Article in GroupTour Magazine
Amanda Black highlights the artisan-craftsmanship of Annie Oakley Perfumery.
August, 2012 -
Annie Oakley Perfumery among Top 15 Company Towns On Cross Country Route 6.
From Huffington Post's travel writer Malerie Yole-Cohen